Friday, September 24, 2010

Water Candy Sushi

This week in Tillett Gardens, the Chamber of Commerce met for it's monthly Business After Hours, a networking and socializing event that is hosted by a different location each month. All of the shops here were open, and we all provided some sort of light appetizer.

We wanted to stay within theme, so we made Water Candy Sushi! This was a fun recipe that was found on the Mommy Knows blog

We didn't document the process with photos, (because hers are so good)...and we're glad we didn't...up to our elbows in butter! If anyone wants to try this, truly, you can't use enough butter.
You begin by melting butter and marshmallows, then stirring in rice krispies. Instead of putting them in a pan, they are spread out thin on buttered wax paper. We cut them into rectangle sections, and laid 2 gummy worms end to end, and then two more on top. Butter your hands, and very gently roll the rice krispies over the worms one turn, and cut the roll off of the rectangle. We let them chill for a while, then rolled unwrapped fruit roll ups around them.

We let them chill until the event, then sliced them in the studio. How cute!

We made some as rolls, and some nigiri style, a little mound of rice krispies topped with a sliced candy orange, and wrapped with a strip of the roll up.

They weren't too hard to make, and if you don't mind smelling like butter and marshmallows for days after, it's a very clever idea. Husband says "Never again", though!

We also finished up a few projects around the studio for the event:
Pink stripes painted on the door,

we weren't sure if it would be TOO cute, but our friend Tiffany assured us that you can never be too cute!

Flip flop sea glass mosaic stepping stones for outside,

And husband finished his bottle garden! He put a couple of inches of wet concrete in a cardboard box, sliced the bottles at an angle, and buried the whole thing when it was dry. I love this because it catches everyone's eye that walks by, and it can either be seen as bottles growing out of the sand,

or as flower vases!

What a great way to "grow" can change the flowers anytime!

The event was mostly after dark, so two lamps were hung outside...

this one is three feet long!

Finally, a special event called for a special necklace. This is made from recycled bottle neck slices and Swarovski crystals.

Thanks for stopping by, and visit the studio soon!


  1. Oh how cute! Candy sushi.. great idea!

  2. Hey Barbara,
    Thanks for sharing! The candy sushi idea is very clever and creative. I am also enjoying the rest of your blog. You are super creative. :)