Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What's new in the studio this week? Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! We have been having so much fun creating our new pendants made from discarded bottles...each one one of a kind, of course! These pendants are made individually, with bubbles blown into the hot glass. We think these capture the color and energy of the Caribbean Sea beautifully.

For best selection, visit the studio in Tillett Gardens! Select pendants available in our online store www.h2ocandy.com/store as well as the gift shop at Secret Harbor resort here on St Thomas.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Salt & Pepper Shakers

We love making our salt and pepper shakers! We have been using discarded Cruzan Rum bottles

as well as Ketel One bottles

which are all clear, so we decided to throw in some color! These are from discarded wine bottles,

and these from Skyy Vodka bottles!

This cobalt blue color is our favorite. All versions have a screw off cap from the original bottles for easy filling, and caps are pierced with holes for easy shaking.

These are available in the studio shop as well as our online store. www.h2ocandy.com/store

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paper Globes

You know we love making our hand cut paper lamps, and lately we've been obsessed with making hanging paper globes! These are best used in multiples, and we've done custom colors for weddings and kids' rooms. They hang from nearly invisible fishing line, and they're super light so it doesn't take much breeze to get them moving! (Makes them hard to photograph, though!)

We have a bunch hanging in the studio and also some outside...they are so pretty with the Garden as a backdrop!

We have also been having fun making our Sea Creature Sun Catchers...these are made from discarded vodka bottles!

New items are always available in the Water Candy shop at Tillett Gardens and in our online store www.h2ocandy.com/store so be sure to visit soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hibiscus Vases

We love large bloom flowers here in the Virgin Islands, especially hibiscus, and this past month we have been very busy making vases for them! What is special about a hibiscus vase, you may ask? Well, the large flower blooms need support, and we have designed our vases to do just that!

All of our vases are made from discarded bottles, of course. Above is from a Bailey's Irish Cream bottle and features this gorgeous yellow lily. Each one is made individually: the glass is heated and formed while hot. No two are alike!
The following vases are made from Perrier bottles and wine bottles.

New this week is the wide stem vase, also made from a wine bottle. Looks equally dramatic with a large bloom or several small ones!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Quick Studio Update!

Though we can't believe it has been a full five months since the last post, you may recall we were struggling with the idea of packable lamps for visitors to the island to take home. We have been very successful with two ideas- the flat lamp and the mini lamp. The flat lamp is simply the large white globe unassembled. The pieces are color coded and if you can follow 2 simple directions, you can make it at home! The mini lamp is the design scaled down and placed over battery operated, color changing tea lights...so cute! We provide a sturdy box for travel (we've even shipped in these boxes with success), and they've become best-sellers over the last few months.

We've been having so much fun with the glass kiln and are making new projects every week...by far the favorite is the oil and vinegar cruets and the salt and pepper shakers. We continue to be amazed at what can be done in a really hot oven!

The cruets are made from wine bottles and the shakers are from Cruzan rum bottles. No two are alike!

In other good news, Water Candy was listed on Trip Advisor a few months ago, and is currently ranked #34 in all St. Thomas attractions, and #2 in shopping! Have you been to the shop? We would love a review! Click on the TripAdvisor badge to the right.

Earlier this week Barbara was interviewed by the Daily News for an article in a special Mother Earth edition coming out next week...very exciting!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whimsical Napkin Rings & Matching Glasses

This week we finished a fun project for a client who wanted drinking glasses made from New Amsterdam gin (a gift for her sister Ginny!) with a monogram etched on them. This is a cheap gin in a great bottle... they turned out so pretty!

She also wanted matching napkin rings using as much of the bottle as possible, so instead of cutting rings out of the neck, we cut them below the neck. The vine design from the monogram was etched on these too. We love the way they turned out, and will definitely do more in this style!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mosaic Note Cards

This week at Water Candy, we have been working with paper again, and making mosaic note cards! Thanks, Tiffany, for the idea! We love to make mosaics, and have done countertops, tiles, trivets, and mirrors, all out of a mix of sea glass and recycled glass.

We wanted to reinterpret the "real thing" as a little more abstract, so we photographed a few of our favorites, and redesigned them as paintings . They were printed on vellum, and overlaid on a textured ivory cardstock. This helps to preserve the dimensional feel of the original mosaic.

These three started from the same mosaic, a multi colored free-form design we did on a trivet.

The octopus

and the starfish were both tiles that we did for a custom order, so we don't have them anymore, but thankfully we photographed them first!

These look so cute in the studio, the perfect mix of glass and paper, and what a nice way to send someone a little bit of the Caribbean!

In other news, we are amassing quite a collection of Jagermeister bottles from the bars ( we love our Jager here!) and we're not sure what to do with them...they are not quite right for drinking glasses, they are a little short for lamps, but they have a great color and we love the raised lettering...any suggestions?
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