Friday, October 8, 2010

Mosaic Note Cards

This week at Water Candy, we have been working with paper again, and making mosaic note cards! Thanks, Tiffany, for the idea! We love to make mosaics, and have done countertops, tiles, trivets, and mirrors, all out of a mix of sea glass and recycled glass.

We wanted to reinterpret the "real thing" as a little more abstract, so we photographed a few of our favorites, and redesigned them as paintings . They were printed on vellum, and overlaid on a textured ivory cardstock. This helps to preserve the dimensional feel of the original mosaic.

These three started from the same mosaic, a multi colored free-form design we did on a trivet.

The octopus

and the starfish were both tiles that we did for a custom order, so we don't have them anymore, but thankfully we photographed them first!

These look so cute in the studio, the perfect mix of glass and paper, and what a nice way to send someone a little bit of the Caribbean!

In other news, we are amassing quite a collection of Jagermeister bottles from the bars ( we love our Jager here!) and we're not sure what to do with them...they are not quite right for drinking glasses, they are a little short for lamps, but they have a great color and we love the raised lettering...any suggestions?
Thanks for stopping by, and come visit the studio soon!

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  1. what a great idea! Very lovely.