Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hibiscus Vases

We love large bloom flowers here in the Virgin Islands, especially hibiscus, and this past month we have been very busy making vases for them! What is special about a hibiscus vase, you may ask? Well, the large flower blooms need support, and we have designed our vases to do just that!

All of our vases are made from discarded bottles, of course. Above is from a Bailey's Irish Cream bottle and features this gorgeous yellow lily. Each one is made individually: the glass is heated and formed while hot. No two are alike!
The following vases are made from Perrier bottles and wine bottles.

New this week is the wide stem vase, also made from a wine bottle. Looks equally dramatic with a large bloom or several small ones!

Thanks for stopping by, and please visit the shop soon!

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