Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rasta Lamp

Water Candy loves anything candy colored...brights or pastels, subtle or dramatic, and most of our work reflects this! We also LOVE custom orders for anything that we do, and sometimes this takes us outside of our candy box! We just finished a lamp for our client, ILove, that wanted Rasta colors...red, gold, and green. Our search for the perfect paper and colors was futile on the island. Luckily, we spent Labor Day weekend with the family in North Carolina and got to go to Michaels (I would trade Kmart here for a Michaels in a heartbeat)!! We found the perfect papers with the rich, bold colors that we were seeking.

We wanted to learn a little bit more about the Ratsa colors, and this is what we found out! According to Wikipedia and several other websites, the red symbolizes the blood of martyrs (or Africans), the gold the wealth of Africa (or stolen gold), the green the vegetation and beauty of Africa (or lost lands). These colors were used on the Ethiopian flag as early as 1798...with red on top, gold in the middle, and green on the bottom.

In a state ceremony around this time, however, the flag was accidentally flown upside down, and this pattern was adopted by the Ethiopian government and it is now commonplace to see green on the top and red on the bottom...we took creative license and did green-gold-red-gold-green!

We love the way the Rasta lamp turned out, and most importantly, so does ILove!

In other studio news this week, we just finished a collection of keychains in sea glass

and bottleneck glass

...keep these in mind for cute stocking stuffers in just a few months!

We also took the "paper paint" process from our nautical lanterns (see last post) and applied them to candle holders...so pretty when lit!

We are saving some to put tea lights or votives in, and giving some to our candle making friend George to wax and wick directly.

These are made from cut wine and liquor bottles that we didn't use for our glassware line...no glass goes to waste here at Water Candy!

Save those bottles- we take all donations!!

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